ClearPlay is a fancy DVD Player that can play regular DVD movies -- but without profanity, violence and nudity.

Click to watch a video Overview of ClearPlay!Click to watch a ClearPlay demo! Click to watch the easy ClearPlay process! Click to watch video about the ClearPlay filter library!
Click to watch a video Overview of ClearPlay!

Wow! I can watch movies with my kids again. I could never find appropriate movies that both the kids and I would enjoy. So, I just got used to suffering through the super-safe kiddie movies. Now, thanks to ClearPlay I have thousands of movie choices and it's easy to find something we all want to see.


What is ClearPlay?

Great question! ClearPlay is a fancy DVD Player that can play regular DVD movies -- but without profanity, violence and nudity.

Wow!  How does that work?

It's really quite ingenious. We create filtering information on a movie by movie basis, and then put those "filters" into the DVD player. This way, the DVD player knows when to skip or mute while the movie is playing.

But isn’t it choppy?

Nope. That’s the great thing about the ClearPlay service. We love movies just as much as you do, so we take great care to maintain the presentation quality of the movie– the only thing gone is “that one scene” you wish the kids never saw.

What about new movies?

Another great question! If you sign up for a ClearPlay Membership then we provide constant updates for your DVD player. This way ClearPlay works with new movies as they come out. It is really just that simple (and cool!).

 Click to See the Movie Filter Library

Do I have to be technical?

It's really pretty easy. If you want, call our Customer Support and we’ll talk you through the set-up. After that, updating your player is so easy that anyone can do it (even if you can’t tell your mouse from your modem!).

Chances of talking to one of your kind Customer Support reps are ... ?

Pretty close to … 100%. We are confident enough about our Customer Support that we put their number on the front of our carton. We staff it six days a week, and you can contact us by phone, email or chat online. And if for some reason all our people are on the phone, you can leave your number and we actually call you back. How cool is that?

Complete ClearPlay DVD Filtering System. ClearPlay System for 2 rooms.

ClearPlay DVD Player - No Membership. ClearPlay Options and Upgrades.

It Pays for Itself !

Typical family of 5 movie expense.
Adult tickets $9.75 each x 2 = $19.50
Kid tickets $6.75 x 3 = $20.25
Bucket 'o Popcorn = $4.15
Soft Drinks $ 4.00 x 2 = $8.00
Total cost to go to the movies once = $51.90

For what it costs to take your family to the movies ONLY 3 TIMES you can own the ClearPlay System and have access to over 3000 filtered movie titles! And that's a bargain!

Recent Customer Comments

We just recently bought a DVD player with ClearPlay technology. It is hands-down, without-a-doubt, absolutely the best entertainment investment we've ever made. I tell everyone I can about it. Keep up the extraordinary work.
- Dan, Maryville Tennessee

Clearplay is a great investment. I am a huge movie fan, but almost all the best movies out there have at least one or two questionable scenes that make a great movie near unwatchable. I again can watch my favorite movies with out having to worry about when to skip the "bad part". I really appreciate that Clearplay filters lots of great independent movies not just the hollywood blockbusters. Thanks Clearplay
- Scott

My family and I love ClearPlay! Your products has allowed us to share movies with our children that otherwise we would not because of a few bad words or a steamy scene. This has really opened up movie night to films that the whole family can really enjoy. I tell all my friends and family about ClearPlay. Thank you very much for making this fine product!
- Walter

Sample On Screen ClearPlay DVD Filter Menu Options

YOU set the exact level of filtering that's right for YOUR family!

ClearPlay FAQ

What is required to use ClearPlay?

If you would like to watch your movies with ClearPlay, you need the following:
1. ClearPlay DVD player
2. ClearPlay Filter for your DVD movie
3. DVD movie
4. A television

What is a ClearPlay Filter?

A ClearPlay FilterTM is a software filter for your DVD movies.  Each DVD movie has a custom Filter created just for that movie.  When you play a DVD movie in a ClearPlay DVD player with a ClearPlay Filter, objectionable content is omitted from viewing based on the ClearPlay Filter Settings.


ClearPlay Awarded National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

Award-winning product again recognized as the best in category.

Salt Lake City, Oct. 12, 2007—ClearPlay’s content-filtering DVD player has been awarded a Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center (TNPC). The TNPC Seal of Approval has been recognizing the finest products for children and families since 1990. “ClearPlay is a movie filtering DVD player that works quite remarkably,” reported TNPC. “… If you choose to edit (movies), there is no system that even comes close to ClearPlay.” ClearPlay has also received highest honors and awards from The Parents Television Center, The Dove Foundation, The National Association of Evangelicals, Top Ten Reviews and others.

Technical Specifications

ClearPlay DVD player with USB New Features:


Audio Connections:

Video Connections:



Click Here to View the USER GUIDE (it's a PDF, whatever that means)

Finally! Family Friendly Technology that Works!

  • Now you can watch a movie with the kids and enjoy the experience.

  • No more, standing ready with the remote waiting for that one scene and then frantically clicking skip to get past it.

  • No more, biting your lip in embarrassment when the actors decide to "bare all" in the name of artistic expression.

    If they SEE it and HEAR it they're gonna SAY and DO it!